Adolfo Ochagavía

Did my blog pique your interest? Great to hear! This page will give you more information about what I do. If you are considering working together, feel free to contact me at, so we can figure out if there is a match between what you need and what I have to offer.

Things I can do for you:

Ways of working together:

Technologies of choice

Given enough time, I am able to get familiar with whatever technology you are using. There is a chance I am already acquainted with your tech stack, since in the past I have worked in the .NET, Java, Rust, Erlang and Node.js ecosystems (and experimented with a few more).

When evaluating new projects, I have a strong preference for statically typed languages, because they align better with my way of thinking. Also, I prefer ecosystems with mature tooling, which allows me to focus on the essential aspects of the problem (instead of being bogged down by accidental complexity).


Dirkjan Ochtman (@djc), open source maintainer:

Adolfo was able to quickly get up to speed with our open source project, filling up any domain-specific knowledge gaps by reading specifications, diving into the source code, inspecting other implementations and working with us as maintainers. He was eager to tackle our feedback to pull requests, and a very pleasant person to interact with. Highly recommend working with him!

Wolf Vollprecht (@wolfv), founder and CEO of

We had the pleasure to work with Adolfo on multiple projects and it was always a rewarding experience. He dives head first into the problem, thinks deeply about it and comes up with clean solutions. We can absolutely recommend working with Adolfo on challenging computer science problems.

Jeroen Heijmans (@jeroenheijmans), CTO at Infi Utrecht:

At Infi I’ve had the pleasure of working together with Adolfo. His technical skills make him part of the top 1%, even regardless of the specific technology! He was ever thoughtful in his interactions with colleagues, other team members, and clients. Always finding a great balance between being pragmatic and not avoiding any hard discussions or problems. If you consider doing a project or work together with Adolfo I can highly recommend doing so!

Matthew Quinn, software engineer:

When I first started working with iChoosr, there was an enormous amount of different systems, rules and standards to learn. Adolfo played an integral part in getting me up to speed and helping me to improve as a developer, and a team member. At the start he took an active role in mentoring me through pair programming, code reviews, and taking time to talk and get to know me. His warm character and deep technical knowledge had a way of empowering me and raising my confidence in my own technical abilities. I have found him a very supportive colleague, who has put a lot of effort into making my time with this team so pleasant. I have to credit a great deal of my skills already to the advice and guidance that he has provided me with over this past year. From pair programming, to code reviews, to mentoring, Adolfo is your man!

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